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Why Wait, Push It
Some things can't wait. Warnings, statistics, status, stock quotes, and other time sensitive data need to be displayed when they change. Piper Push Cache simplifies getting data in front of users quickly.
What it is

At its core Piper Push Cache is a JSON cache that pushs JSON records to web pages or clients. It is much more than that though.

The advanced features provides the flexibility platform to implement a variety solutions to tough requirements.

Piper is expanding with the latest release, 1.2.0 including enhanced REST support and a Flow editor. Check out the plans and progress.

Give it a try

Start with downloading Piper Push Cache. Then give the Hello World demo a try.

Hello World

There are more examples in the download. Each one demonstrates features and possible uses of Piper.

Operations Log

The OpsLog sample is a complete system for centralized message based logging modeled after proven production systems.

Hello SSE

Mobile devices are supported with Server Send Events. Check out the hello world sample for SSE.

NATS Router

A content based NATS messaging system router.

Whats New
  • Better NATS integraton. Piper is now a message hub for NATS messages. Javascript POSTs on a /nats/subject URL become NATS messages and as before received messages are pushed to web pages.
  • The Flow viewer is now an editor. Try it out here with one a sample file or create your own.
  • Piper has Docker support with the docker repo on github as piper-docker.
  • Process Flow viewer built in at /piper/editor.html of a running Piper.
  • Process Flow is now a part of Piper. It is a powerful enhancement to Piper.
  • Piper is now FAST. It is now competitive with industry leaders serving static pages.
  • Look for "Building Realtime, Live-Updating Displays with JavaScript and Piper, a JSON Push Cache" in WebOps Weekly.


Piper uses OjC, a JSON parser written in C which is available as open source on github.

Oj is used with the Ruby scripts in some examples. Oj is open sourced on github and from rubygems.

In support of Piper, an open source gem called piper-ruby is used to simplify sending JSON to Piper.

Support for loading Piper in Docker is provided by piper-docker.

Piper is integrated with NATS a fast, open source messaging service with clients in many languages.

More projects can be found at ohler.com.