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Server Send Events are supported using a URL with path and query parameters. When creating a new EventSource in Javascript the URL provided must start with the path of 'sse'. Additional query parameters specify the similar to the WebSocket subscribe command.

An example of an SSE subscription on all records is:

  var src = new EventSource('sse?filter=*');

The supported query parameters are:

filter a filter expression for the subscription as described by the filter topic.
rid a specific record identifer or the wildcard (*) to subscribe to.
key sort keys for the subscription. Multiple occurances are okay.
batch provide records in batches. This is automatic when keys are provided.
init provide initial values if set to true.

Events will arrive according to the provided filter. The events will be a 'set' type for new and updated records. The records will be JSON strings. When a record is deleted a 'remove' event will be sent and the data portion will be the record identifier of the deleted record.