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Logging is done by feature. Individual feature logging can be turned on to view information about that feature. Log entries are either displayed on stdout, written to a rotating log file, or published using NATS. The format of the log records is described in the 'log-record' help section.

The log section of a configuration file contains a nested set of features as shown with the following complete set of logging parameters.

    "log": {
        "stdout": true,
        "publish": "log.piper",
        "cache": true,
        "cat": {
            "ERROR": true,
            "CACHE": false,
            "REQUEST": false,
            "RESPONSE": false,
            "PUSH": false,
            "DEBUG": false
stdout Write log entries to stdout.
publish If set log records are published using NATS on the subject provided. URL to the server is set in the nats section of the configuration.
log.cat.* Various logging features or categories. Turn on with a true and off with a false.
ERROR General errors.
CACHE Cache changes.
REQUEST HTTP requests.
RESPONSE Responses to HTTP requests.
PUSH All push channels such as WebSockets and SSE.
DEBUG Additional debugging.