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Configuration of the Piper Push Cache is accomplished primarily with a JSON configuration file. The JSON in the file follows a tree structure. Parameters are set in the file but can be over-ridden on the command line by using a slash delimited path to the parameter and the desired value.

Other than the -c or --config option, all others are the same as the paths to parameters in the configuration file. As an example, to set the HTTP port to 7676 a command line argument of -http.port=7676 could be used. Splitting the argument into two parts is also acceptable so -http.port 7676 would also work.

A sample configuration is below. Note that empty elements are described in more detail in the help sections corresponding to the element name.

    "access": { },
    "page": {
        "dir": "samples/connect_counter/pages"
    "log": { },
    "push_connection_counts": false,
    "sse": {
        "heartbeat": 10.0
    "flow": { },
    "nats": { },
    "group_filter_msg_only": true,
    "groups": { },
    "change_log": { }

The parameter descriptions are:

access.* See help topic access.
page.dir Directory for web pages.
log.* See help topic log.
push_connection_counts If true connection counts will be pushed. Connections counts include open connections and the total of all connections made since startup.
sse.heartbeat The heartbeat interval in seconds for SSE connections. The value must be a decimal value.
flow.* See help topic flow_config.
nats.* See help topic nats.
group_filter_msg_only If true, the default, filters are evaluated against the record. If false filters are evaluated over a wrapper around a from element and a rec element which is the record.
groups.* See help topic groups.
change_log.* See help topic change-log.