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Remote Actor

This task has not been implemented yet.

The remote actor is an asynchronous task that passes a JSON record to a separate application over a TCP/IP connection. The application is expected to accept a JSON stream input on and respond with output on the same connection. Results can be returned asynchronously.

The link identifiers should match what ever the remote application indicates the next link is. The JSON format for input is a JSON object with an 'id' field and a 'rec' field. The output expected is an 'id' field, 'rec' field, and a 'link' field that identifies the link to follow.

The JSON used to designate a join task in a flow description is:

    "task-x": {
        "actor": "remote",
        "trace": false,
	"addr": "",
         "links": {
            "a": "task-a",
            "b": "task-b"

Parameters the remote actor expects are:

addr The IP address and port to connect to the remote application on.