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Piper Push Cache Features and Uses

Piper Push Cache is more than a push cache. It supports a number of advanced features. Using those features creatively a wide variety of applications are possible.


JSON Cache

Piper Push Cache is a JSON cache that pushs JSON records to a multiple destinations. The cache itself has options for aging and limiting the number of records in a group. Groups are defined by rules based on the content of the JSON record. The cache can be updated with HTTP, WebSockets, NATS, or user provided applications.

As a cache Piper eliminates the need for applications to store data. Piper also takes the role of a content delivery service in it's role as a data server.

JSON Pusher

Piper Push Cache pushs JSON records to multiple destinations. Push options include WebSockets, SSE, NATS, a log file, and user defined applications as pluggins.

Piper was designed to deliver data to users in as close to real time as possible, making it a candidate for operations monitoring of logs, statistics, and status. Realtime race results or stock market data can be delivered using Piper.

Fast Web Server

Piper is a fast static page web server performing as well as or better than industrial leaders. Page changes are detected without restarting and performance degrades gracefully as loads grow.

Powerful Process Flow Engine

Piper used a process flow engine at its core to handle incoming JSON and to distribute those records. That facility is available to users and is extendable. It is along the lines of TIBCO Business Works, TIBCO's Integration Manager, and HP Operations Orchestration but follows a more modern and higher performance design.

JSON Logger

One of the process flow tasks available is a change logger. This logger writes designated JSON records to a rolling change log. This option is ideal for writing log messages to a file that can be processed by one of the Piper tools.


With a few changes to the Piper configuration many different uses are possible.


Piper is a logger right out of the box. All that is required is to identify which JSON records should be logged and what size the log files should be. A logger sample is included with sample code to process the log file if the Piper provided mill application is not sufficient.

The sample includes a simple web page that updates immediately using either WebSockets or SSE.

NATS Router

Message processing and redirection is a useful capability is larger system. It is easy to create a content based router with Piper as demonstrated with the NATS Router sample.

Business Process Flow

Business processing is often changing so being able change quickly is an advantage. The Piper flow processing feature allows business flows orchestration to be modified quickly. The simple pluggin capability lets organizations hook in their own applications for customized processing.