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Downloads include the piper binary, helper scripts, and samples.

macOS Sierra piper-1.3.0_macos.tar.gz piper-latest_macos.tar.gz
Ubuntu 16.04 piper-1.3.0_ubuntu-16.04.tar.gz piper-latest_ubuntu-16.04.tar.gz

Release Notes (see the plans)

Release 1.3.0
June 17, 2017

NATS Hub release

  • NATS messages can be published directly from a web page using a POST from a form and Javascript.
  • Environment variables are supported for several configuration options making it easier to use Piper with kubernetes.
Release 1.2.0
October 18, 2016

Flow Editor release

Release 1.1.1
June 4, 2016

NATS update release.

  • Updated NATS library to version 1.3.6.
Release 1.1.0
May 16, 2016

REST release.

  • Records can now be referenced by group instead of just the record ID.
  • A record's group does not change when elements of the JSON record change.
  • A REST call to create a record places the record in the designated group regardless of the group rules unless placed in the default (no group).
Release 1.0.2
April 5, 2016

Flow Viewer release

  • Added a new process flow viewer to be able to see a graphic view of a process flow.
Release 1.0.1
March 22, 2016

Flow Sample release

  • Added a sample for a simple flow using Ruby applications.
  • Fixed a bug that stopped some task actors from being recognized in the config flow file.
Release 1.0.0
March 10, 2016

Process Flow release

  • Process Flow support added. Features include parallel flow paths, auto app spawning, remote service access, NATS publishing and more.
  • New sample is a NATS content based router.
  • There are some configuration file format changes in this release.
Release 0.9.8
February 23, 2016

Bug fix release

  • Fixed several race conditions.
Release 0.9.7
February 11, 2016

Performance optimization

  • Static page serving is now industrial strength fast.
  • WebSocket and SSE performance improved.
  • Configuration file layout changed as did SSE event types.
Release 0.9.5
January 12, 2016

Server Send Events

  • Server Send Events supported
Release 0.9.0
December 10, 2015

Record groups and logging release.

  • Record groups supported.
  • Logging options to cache and to rotating files added.
  • Change log added.
  • Operations Logging sample added.
  • JSON log filter and reformatter (mill) added.
Release 0.8.0
November 7, 2015

NATS release.

  • NATS messaging now supported.
  • Help pages expanded.
Release 0.7.0
October 28, 2015

Sorted list release.

  • Subscriptions can now be sorted. This returns all records in a single JSON array.
  • In addition to the REST API that uses GET and PUT, optional POST support has been added so that Javascript can be used to add to the cache using HTML forms.
  • Optional support for adding and removing from the cache has been added.
Release 0.6.0
October 8, 2015

Subscription enhancement release.

  • Changed record identification to be just a record identifier and not a class.
  • Added filters to subscriptions. Filters are expressions that are applied to the contents of the JSON record.
  • Subscriptions can now be named. This allows unsubscribe to use the name instead of more complex filter expressions or record identifiers to identify a subscription.
Release 0.5.0
September 27, 2015

Initial release with support for JSON caching and changes pushed thru websockets to web pages.

  • Subscriptions supported are for specific records as well as all records of a class.